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A Certain Man Had Two Sons Luke 15:11

The Prodigal Son made the following mistakes, be sure that you don't make them as well.

1) He wanted to control his own future

The first step into trouble is always the one that takes us away from God. Like the Prodigal we leave home saying, “Give me.” And if we are fortunate enough to survive our own best thinking, we come back saying, “Forgive me.”

2) He didn't get into trouble until he left his father's house

Satan will do whatever it take to get you out from under God’s influence and protection. He will put a restless spirit on you so that nothing keeps you happy, and you run around like a rolling stone singing, “I can’t get no satisfaction.” One of the primary place he will try to get you out of is your church. Who is feeding you? Who is monitoring your spiritual growth? Would you let your kids stay home from school because they didn’t like the teacher or want to learn? There are things God will say to you in His house that He won’t say to you anywhere else. Jeremiah said that God’s Word was like “a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces.” You need to be sure that when the hammer falls on Sunday morning you are under it.