After watching her husband struggle with clinical depression and then ultimately take his own life; and then her own subsequent battle with grief, Barbara Hust began a journey with God. This whole process showed Barbara that there was a need for Christian counseling. There were people all around her dealing with similar issues. She felt that God wanted her to go back to college to get a degree in counseling so that she could help others. Barbara began Hope Ministries Inc and over time had four Christian Counselors on staff to minister to the hurting.

why Africa?

It all began with driving lessons! It was in 2003 that Pastor Sam and Kasamba Sikapizye came to live above the Hankins Assembly of God Church. Neither Pastor Sam or Kasamba had a drivers license and they needed opportunities to practice driving so they could take their road test. Bobbie volunteered to help out and much conversation accompanied the driving practice. Bobbie learned a great deal about life in Africa and particularly the great needs of the orphans because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. As time went on, the Lord began to burden Bobbie's heart for the lives of these abandoned children and she started to pray that the Lord would show her how she could help in some small way.  Pastor Charles and Margaret Mumba live in Ndola, Zambia. They are Kasamba Sikapizye's parents. They began taking children into their home because these little ones had no place to go, no parents and they were hungry. The number began to grow until they reached the point where they could no longer take any more children. This was the divine appointment where God linked Hope Ministries and Pastor Charles and Margaret Mumba into a relationship that opened the possibilities for Hope House Orphanage and Hope Fellowship School.  In 2006, Shirley Blum and Bobbie went to Africa for the first time. At that time, there were about 15 children living in a small house in Ndola that Hope Ministries purchased. The two ladies travelled to Africa again in 2007 and saw the 10 acre parcel of land that was purchased to begin construction of the orphanage building and later the school and clinic. During that visit, they were able to gather a group of believers to pray and to anoint the parcel of land with oil. Now we can look back and see what the Lord has done in 10 short years. What a Mighty God We Serve!!!!! 


Today, Hope Ministries works to sponsor and support the Hope House Orphanage as well as Hope Fellowship School. There are 350 children attending the school where they are given a daily meal and uniforms to wear in addition to their education. We also worked with the Hope Community to open a clinic on the grounds where the children and people from the community can go to receive treatment and life saving vaccines and medications that would not be available to them otherwise.